Camping, Clothing & Rural Supply

Akubra hats, hay bales, rural supplies. All that you need for a true Kimberley wedding.

Camping, Clothing & Rural Supply

The place to find all camping, clothing and rural needs in the heart of the town of Kununurra.

Akubra Hats

Nothing says The Kimberley quite like an Akubra hat.

An Australian icon, Akubra has been making its legendary fur felt hats for over 130 years.

Here at Camping, Clothing & Rural Supply, we proudly stock a wide range of Akubras and our friendly staff will help you with sizing and styling to find your perfect match.

Hay Bales

A popular option for seating at your wedding ceremony is hay bales, to give the ideal Kimberley rustic look.

Our hay bales can be ordered in advance with any quantity you require. They are also a great choice for seating at wedding receptions.

The advantage of using hay bales for seating is the ability to totally customise the seating styles and arrangement. Add white linen to cover the bales for a classic touch, or alternatively use unique rugs and blankets to add colour to your wedding setting.

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