Kimberley Fine Diamonds

Kimberley Fine Diamonds is one of Australia's leading suppliers of the world's rarest diamonds, the stunning Argyle Pink Diamond.

Kimberley Fine Diamonds

An appointed Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier ™, Kimberley Fine Diamonds’ collection of exquisite pink and other array of natural coloured diamonds unearthed in Western Australia's far north east is quite simply unmatched.

Frauke Bolten-Boshammer established Kimberley Fine Diamonds in 1991 and is now recognised for its forward and unique designs, and as Australia’s most remote diamond house. It dedicates itself to designing jewellery that reflects the outback of the Kimberley through vast colours and contrasts.

Kimberley Fine Diamonds aims to only produce quality jewellery using local resources which includes Argyle Diamonds, Australian gold and Broome pearls.

Kimberley Fine Diamonds offers a highly qualified staff to assist with client needs with a jewellery workshop on site, master jewellers, designers and gemmologists.

Customer satisfaction is the main priority, achieved by providing an intimate experience. Working with clients throughout the design process. From the selection of a precious stone, to the design and creation of the final piece. We ensure our clients receive an entirely unique and exquisite final product.

Regarded as a cosmopolitan oasis in the outback, Kimberley Fine Diamonds invites lovers of quality jewellery to visit its boutique in Kununurra for the ultimate diamond experience.

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