Kununurra Weddings works collaboratively with local businesses and suppliers to offer everything that you may need, to have your dream Kimberley wedding.

Our job is to make it as easy as possible for brides and grooms to make their big day one to remember. Kununurra Weddings works collaboratively with local businesses and suppliers to offer everything you may need, to have your dream Kimberley wedding.

The Region

The East Kimberley… raw and rugged ranges, pristine gorges, stunning lakes and winding rivers, magnificent boab trees, incredible and unique landscapes, with surreal sunsets that will capture your heart like nowhere else. It’s understandable why this region in North West Australia is fast becoming one of the most popular destination wedding locations.


Kununurra is the hub in the heart of the East Kimberley. A beautiful town that is the perfect gateway to nearby amazing wedding locations. It’s often said that here in Kununurra, people intend on visiting for a year and end up staying for 20 years. It’s the kind of place that has this effect on people. It's something that can’t quite be described.

There are a number of ways to reach Kununurra:

  • 45 minute flight from Darwin NT
  • 1 hour flight from Broome WA
  • 3 hour flight from Perth WA
  • NEW (date TBA), 4 hour direct flight from Melbourne
  • By road from Darwin (800km) or from Broome (1000km)

Direct Flights from Melbourne

Alliance Airlines have plans to run direct flights between Melbourne (VIC) and Kununurra (WA) - commencement date to be advised. If you are on the eastern side of Australia looking to visit the Kimberley for your wedding, this is the perfect option. Also for your guests joining you on the day. Imagine boarding your plane then 4 hours later arriving in majestic Kimberley region?


Here in the East Kimberley there are two seasons, the dry season (May - October) and the wet season (November - April). Dry season is most commonly wedding season, with an average of beautiful 30 degree daytime temperatures and clear blue skies. Some do find it hard to believe, however the nights during dry season can get quite chilly, don’t forget to pack a jacket and organise a warm fire pit for your reception.

Everything You Need

There is a common misconception that due to the remote location of the East Kimberley, you may miss out on certain services that you can find in the city. It’s quite the opposite, with all quality products and services for your wedding readily available, as well as everything you and your guests need for an unforgettable stay in the region.

Weddings Welcome

Local businesses in the region are proud to welcome weddings and their guests. Along with an incredible wedding day, there are endless options for how you can spend your time whilst here. The ‘wedding week’ is becoming more widespread, after browsing our website you’ll understand why... and it’s likely you’ll visit for your wedding, then find it hard to leave!

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