Kimberley Café

Cakes by Kimberley Café specialises in edible masterpieces to complement your wedding day.

Kimberley Café

Kimberley Café can provide a full package for your wedding incorporating cake, flowers and food options.

Kimberley Café has been operating in Kununurra for over 10 years. It has been a longstanding family run business owned and operated by partners Jasmin Mcfadden and Brodie Neilson for over five years. Raised in Kununurra, it was only a matter of time before Jasmin enticed Brodie to make the move up from the South-West of WA 10 years ago.

The East Kimberley Region provides such a unique and picturesque outcrop for weddings that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Magical waterfalls and swimming holes, red cliffs and gorges and a beautiful community spirit are what makes this region such a perfect place to say those two magical words.



Here at Kimberley Café we can provide anywhere from cocktail standing options, full sit down three course meal service or buffet service and anywhere in between. Let our highly skilled chef create an assortment of delectable and tasty options and you will sure to have your taste buds longing for more.

Specialising in Sri Lankan and Indian food, we will be able to spice up your wedding as required one curry at a time.


Cakes by Kimberley Cafe

Cakes by Kimberley Café specialises in edible masterpieces to complement your wedding day. Uniquely created to suit each couple through careful consultation and research. From timeless classic designs to modern trends, possibilities are endless.

Choose from a list favourite flavours or suggest your own – as I strongly believe that cakes should taste every bit as good as they look!

Having grown up in Kununurra and baking from an early age, I am very familiar with the unique climate here and how it can affect cakes. Though I trained in Perth, I soon realised that not all techniques and ingredients were suited to our more extreme wet and dry seasons.

With this knowledge I have adapted techniques to be able to offer a product that I know will not only suit the happy couple, but withstand the location and weather. Feel free to contact me for an obligation and cost free initial consultation and quote.

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