Kununurra Commercial Laundry & Dry Cleaning

High quality dress, suit and clothing alterations and dry cleaning, right here in Kununurra.

Kununurra Commercial Laundry & Dry Cleaning

At Kununurra Commercial Laundry & Dry Cleaning, we believe in providing quality dry cleaning, alterations and linen hire services.

Dry Cleaning:

Keep your wedding memories alive by cleaning and preserving your beautiful dress or classy suits straight after the wedding day.

Our process involves multiple operations and a delicate cleaning system that is performed by caring professionals whose goal is to remove dirt and stains and to preserve your wedding garments for years to come. Our eco-friendly laundry products and systems ensure care is taken to restore your wedding dress and suits.

If you are travelling to Kununurra, chances are your wedding dress, suits and bridesmaid dresses will get creased. Not to worry, we provide pressing services to ensure all your wedding garments are crisp and crease free for the big day.


Does your dress or suit need a quick last-minute alternation or repair? Not to worry, we have you covered. We provide last minute alterations to ensure your wedding garments fit just the way you want them to.

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