Walkabout Souvenirs & Top End T-Shirts

Engraving on glass, wood, leather, stainless steel, as well as decor and gifts.

Walkabout Souvenirs & Top End T-Shirts

Walkabout offers engraving on items for your special day, including wedding glasses, bomboniere, wood boards, leather products, stainless steel items to name a few.

We have the ability to lazer or gravo style your inscription onto items of your choice.

Walkabout has your wedding day covered in more ways than one. We stock wedding décor products for that special day ranging from artificial flowers, table decorations, headwear, fashion accessories, wedding curios and more.

For your guests we have a great range of cool bamboo clothing, a wedding register and many unique gifts to choose from.

Walkabout Souvenirs Kununurra and Top End T-shirts was established in 1989. Current owners Wayne and Linda Paul purchased the business in 2004, since then Walkabout Boab Country was created and overall the business has transformed into a one stop shop for locals and visitors. Selling unique giftware, homeware, clothing, jewellery and quality accessories for all occasions.

Our family love living in the East Kimberley for its open space where you can immerse yourself in the remoteness and beauty of this mystical, rugged and ancient land. Beautiful contrasting seasons and an abundance of waterfalls, rivers and wide open space surround your every turn. Weddings in this region are based around meandering rivers and majestic sunlit hills which will always remind you of your special day.

If you’re planning an East Kimberley wedding don’t hesitate to contact Linda for further information on what Walkabout can offer for your wedding day.

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